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Curriculum and Programs

At Feltwell Elementary School we make special instructional programs available to all students with identified needs.  In fact, our programs, resources, and services often exceed what might be found in stateside schools.  The following programs and services are available.  If you have a question please don't hesitate to ask.  You can E-Mail the Principal.

Special Education
Gifted Education
English as a Second Language
Host Nation
School-wide Assistance Team
Crisis Intervention Team
Safe Schools Program
Information Center

Special Education - It is the policy of Feltwell Elementary and Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) that ALL students shall be provided a free, appropriate education in schools where placement and service decisions are based on the identified individual needs of the student, in the least restrictive environment and in accordance with the system's regulations and guiding principles.  Imbedded in our mission and policy is the practice of inclusive education, which is defined as the participation of all students, including those with disabilities, limited English proficiency, identified gifts and talents and other special needs in the general education program.  Supplemental aids and servics are provided to these students where necessary for them to attain success.
    We provide an array of services for children with hearing, vision, and other health impairments, emotional and learning disabilities, developmental delays, and speech/language disorders.  When needed we provide assistive technology, supplemental instructional support, and extended school year. We have a teacher for the learning impaired and a speech/language pathologist on staff.  Our instructional programs are supported by trained educational aides.
    Students identified with special needs may also require medically related services that are provided by Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) personnel.  EDIS providers include an audiologist, pediatric psychologist, psychiatrist, speech/language pathologist, social worker, physical and occupational therapists, and a developmental pediatrician.
    The DoDEA Special Education Web Site contains a wealth of information and additional resources and can be accessed at or access the DoDEA Instructions/Regulations at

Gifted Education - We provide an instructional program for identified gifted learners.  Approximately 3-4% of our student population are identified with special gifts and talents.  We are committed to providing an educational program in which students may grow to be fulfilled, productive and contributing members of society according to their promise.  To encourage optimum achievement, Feltwell Elementary provides varied and challenging learning opportunities matched to the needs and talents of students with high potential.  We currently have one staff member who is a certified gifted education teacher.
    A Gifted Review Committee reviews all referrals to the program and considers students who have been referred through the screening process, teacher, parent or professional staff member recommendation, self-nomination, or because he/she was eligible in a previous school.  Specific program eligibility criteria can be found in the DoDEA Manual 2590.2 by linking to:

DoDEA Gifted Education

DoDDS Europe Gifted Education

Feltwell Elementary School

Currently our gifted teacher also teaches the schoolwide enrichment program which is for all students.

English as a Second Language - Students entering Feltwell ES represent many nationalities, cultures, and varying linguistic backgrounds.  In order for students whose dominant language is a language other than English to succeed socially, academically, and vocationally in American society, they need to become proficient in the ability to communicate in English as well.  Students are currently identified by determining if language other than English is spoken in the home at the time of school registration and by ascertaining their current level of English proficiency using appropriate entry/exit assessment and evaluation procedures.
    Feltwell Elementary is staffed to provided ESL services to those students who meet the DoDDS criteria.


Host Nation - Host nation is an instructional intercultural program designed to teach students about the nation in which they are currently living while on their overseas assignment.  The program teaches students about the local culture and history of the host nation community.
    We currently have one full time host nation teacher who teaches all the students in the school on a weekly basis as well as coordinates study trips through consultation with teachers and administration.

Counseling - The counselors at Feltwell ES provide weekly whole class lessons for each grade level for two quarters of the school year (approximately 20 weeks).  The counseling standards include three major areas of focus;  academic development, career exploration, and personal/social development.  Individual and small group counseling is available throughout the school year and can be provided by either the counselor or school psychologist.  Counseling provides an opportunity to work one on one or in a small group setting to help children with such things as study skills, anger management, social/friendship skills, and improving self-esteem or self-confidence.
    We currently have one full-time counselor on staff to assist students with counseling needs.

School Wide Assistance Team - The Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) team consisting of the school nurse, counselor, psychologists, a general education teacher and administrator, have established a student support team (SST).  The SST, a collaborative problem solving team, helps support student success on a schoolwide basis, serving as a functional forum for routine and timely problem solving.  We use the existing expertise of our staff to

  • assist in the resolution of attitude, behavior, and/or academic difficulties
  • provide assistance to students who are not eligible for special educationand related services
  • support pre-referral activities for alternative instructional programs

Crisis Intervention Team - This is a team selected by the administrator to assist in the prevention, intervention, postvention needs of our school community during times of crisis.  The team consists primarily of the administrators, nurse, counselor, psychologist and a general education teacher with coordination from community resources (Family Advocacy, EDIS, Behavioral Health).  It is designed to assist the students, staff and school community with help to reduce the stress and management of coping during times of crisis such as national disaster, staff member or student death, or community related incidents that may impact on the functioning of our students, staff or community.


Safe Schools Program -  At Feltwell Elementary we are implementing a comprehensive safe schools program designed to build on our already strong foundations of discipline, security and climate.  We have completed all five phases of the program and have established goals and action plans which we are implementing during this school year.  Our plans currently involve development of a schoolwide positive discipline program.  Our Resources Committee (a sub-committee of the School Improvement Leadership Team) has been researching programs and implementing staff development all geared to address this initiative.  We are ever alert to security issues and have plans to modify our existing door and key lock systems, improve the security of the school campus by installing mirrors, and implementing a visitor and volunteer control program.


Physical Education/Music/Art
Students participate weekly in each of these curricular areas:

Physical education ensures that all children gain knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop a health lifestyle now and throughout their lifetime.  PE focuses on fitness, movement, eye/hand coordination, sports skills, and games.  It takes into consideration the needs, interests, and characteristics of all students.

In music students express themselves through singing.  Students learn about rhythm patterns and songs from many historical periods and geographical areas, as well as from various cultures.  Such a varied study of music allows the children to gain an understanding about music and its relationship to dialy life.

Student artwork is seen throughout the school.  A visually rich student centered environment is important to any school and this is especially true at Feltwell ES.  Students experience a wide variety of media with an emphasis on the development of creative skills and personal satisfaction of their work.

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