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School Delay




Forbidden Aritcles




Parents are advised not to allow their children to leave home too early. Children who walk to school or ride with their parents should not arrive more than five minutes before the start of classes in the morning. Buses begin their drop-offs at 8:10am. There is no adult supervision on the playground until 8:10 each morning.


When the students are dismissed at 1500 hours, they should report home before continuing with their neighborhood activities. Parents should be aware of their children’s whereabouts. All students leave the school by 1510 hours, unless parents have received previous notification.

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The DoDDS educational program assumes that all students will attend school and classes regularly and punctually. Adherence to the school attendance policy is the responsibility of the parents and students. Parents must be consistently and periodically informed of student absences to exercise parental control and responsibility. The purpose of this action is to establish patterns of good attendance and to assure that students and their educational programs have an opportunity to be successful. DoDDS requires a signed written note from the parent of a child to consider the absence “excused”; without a note from the parent, the child’s absence is recorded as “unexcused” by DoDDS regulation. A student must be in attendance for 20 days in the quarter to receive a grade.
Notes From Parents
Dated and signed notes of explanation or of requests from parents are required by DODDS in order for an absence to be excused. Unless the school has a signed note on file from one of the child’s parents, an absence or tardy must be recorded as unexcused.
The school needs a signed note from you when:
1. A CHILD IS TARDY. Frequent tardiness will necessitate a conference with the parents.
2. A CHILD RETURNS TO SCHOOL AFTER AN ABSENCE. The following is a sample to use:

My son/daughter______________was absent/late on_________because_________________________

3. A CHILD IS TO BE DISMISSED from school during the school day at times other than regular dismissal. Please state the approximate time that the child will be collected.
4. A CHILD IS TO WAIT at school for his parents.

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When a check is written to the Feltwell Student Activity Fund for a study trip or other reason by a parent or family member and is deposited in our account and is then returned to us for “insufficient funds”, we must pay the normal penalty charges which are now $20.00 per check. We have no school funds to cover this cost, so we will require the sponsor to reimburse the school for any penalties incurred by us through checks written by them or their family members.

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It is the policy of DoDDS schools that discipline be maintained consistently and appropriately. We encourage students to grow in self-control, develop a sense of regard for fellow students and to have pride in their school community. Students have the responsibility for conducting themselves in a manner which does not violate the rights of other people. They share with the principal and teachers the responsibility of developing a climate within the school that is conducive to productive learning.
At FES, we believe it is important for all children to feel safe and secure at school. The key word is RESPECT, for all others in the school – for their feelings, their rights, and their property. We also believe that it is important that discipline is not only fair, but perceived by the children to be fair. To this end, we will endeavor to consider all circumstances before applying logical consequences. We will gather all pertinent information to get the whole story, including asking the children to write down their version of what happened. We will then do our best to match a logical consequence to the behavior, considering the age of the child and all available information. Logical consequences involve helping children learn limits and understand how their actions relate to the safety of themselves or others. Consequences may range from counseling by the administrator, problem-solving, student-to-student conflict resolution, calling parents, missing recess, in-school or out-of-school suspension, and expulsion.
It is the responsibility of students to properly maintain textbooks and equipment, to respect school and government property, to obey school rules, and to accept reasonable and appropriate consequences if their responsibilities are not fulfilled. More severe disciplinary action may be taken if a student persistently violates school rules or commits a serious violation of conduct.

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0825............…................................Enter the Building
0830.......….....................................Classes Begin
1100-1145…...................................Lunch Break - Kindergarten
1120-1205…...……........................Lunch Break - Grade 2
1130-1215..….........................……Lunch Break - Grade 3
1140-1225...…........................……Lunch Break - Grade 4
1150-1235………....……….……..Lunch Break - Grade 5

1205-1250.........…..…….........…...Lunch Break - Grade 1
1510...….........................................Buses Depart

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Please be reminded of the procedures in effect for SCHOOL CLOSURE OR DELAYED START due to inclement weather. The decision to cancel school, delay opening school, or dismiss school early because of adverse weather conditions is made by the Commander, 48th Support Group. Local radio stations on which such announcements may be made are:
855 KHZ 9521 MHZ
1602 KHZ
In addition, you may also call the Base Fogline at LX 7-3541
Due to the large number of families living off base, it is not possible to notify everyone personally of school start delays or closures. The same holds true when bad weather develops during the day, and it is necessary to send school buses home early. Please be aware of this possibility and make prior arrangements for the care and supervision of your children.
A good practice on a daily basis as well as in case of emergency is to instruct your child of whatto do in the event you are not at home when he/she returns from school.

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Parents should check with their child prior to the child’s leaving for school each morning to make sure that he/she has a lunch or lunch ticket. The health office has a very limited number of lunch tickets available to be borrowed by students who have lost or forgotten their lunch or ticket. For the system to work these tickets must be repaid immediately. Children will be allowed to borrow only up to three times per year. After borrowing three times or in the event that we do not have a lunch ticket available, the student’s sponsor will be contacted to bring a lunch or lunch ticket to the student. If the sponsor cannot be contacted, the First Sergeant will be contacted so that arrangements can be made to provide the child with lunch.

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General Rules:
1. Enter and exit buildings in an orderly manner.
2. No toys, dolls, cassette players/walkmans or the like are permitted at school unless specifically requested by the teacher.
3. No weapons of any kind are allowed in school for any reason. Weapons include articles such as, but not limited to, pocket knives, matches, fireworks, caps or other explosive devices, sling shots, and any kind of gun/pistol real or play, bullets, etc. (See WEAPONS AND FORBIDDEN ARTICLES, page 16VISITORS/VOLUNTEERS
Parents and other interested adults are always welcome to visit school. To minimize class disruption, we ask all visitors to report first to the school office; an ID card will be needed for security precautions. If visitors desire to see a particular member of staff, they should call or make a request in writing to arrange a mutually convenient time in advance of the visit.
The school is always in need of volunteers. If interested, please contact your child’s teacher, the school office, or the PTA Volunteer Coordinator.
Parents may visit their child’s class by requesting to do so in advance. Please contact your child’s teacher directly if you wish to arrange a visit.

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DoDDS has a zero tolerance policy for weapons. It is impossible to list every weapon, but knives, matches, bullets, firecrackers, caps, or other explosive devices, sling shots, cap guns, water pistols or other play guns, baseballs, itching powder, shaving cream, and other objects likely to be dangerous and cause misconduct or anxiety to other pupils may not be brought to school. Rocks or similar rock-like items (e.g., nuts, etc.) are considered a weapon; throwing them is dangerous and may result in suspension. Any item that looks like a weapon or could be used as a weapon to frighten, intimidate or harm another student, teacher, staff member, or volunteer will be considered a weapon. This includes even such common school articles as scissors, pencils, etc. when wielded in a dangerous or threatening manner. Drugs and any gang related clothing or paraphernalia are also forbidden articles. (See HEALTH for policy regarding prescribed drugs.) Any such items in evidence at school will be confiscated.
Students who bring such articles or participate in their use, regardless of ownership, will be suspended and may be expelled.
Expensive articles, to include cell phones, portable cassette or CD players, etc., should not be brought to school. We cannot be responsible for such items or for money a child has brought to school. Pokeman cards, games, toys, and special sports equipment (balls, etc.) are not appropriate unless specifically requested by a teacher.
Pets or other animals are not permitted in the school unless they are approved for study by the teacher and/or used in connection with classroom projects.

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